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Tara Lancashire

Finance Specialist

“Without Tara’s help I don’t think I would ever have navigated through the convoluted loan application process. Nothing was ever too much bother or inconvenient for Tara. My experience working with Tara proved to me why everyone should use a Mortgage Broker when applying for finance.”

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Why choose Tara as your mortgage broker?

Tara Lancashire is both a finance specialist and a property enthusiast who has purchased, renovated and sold more than ten properties in London, Johannesburg, Hannover and Brisbane.

She graduated from university in Germany with a double degree in business management and languages, worked extensively in the corporate sector and went on to found TMLA, where she guided clients through their financial goals from starting out in their career through post-retirement.

A self-confessed perfectionist, only the best for her clients is good enough for Tara who measures her success by the experience she gives her clients and what she achieves for them. Her very personable and approachable demeanor makes clients feel comfortable and confident while she takes the stress out of the financial process for them.

Tara mostly helps clients living in Brisbane, the Gold Coast the Sunshine Coast, though her services can extend interstate as well.

Family and sunshine rate highly with Tara, and her love of exercise involves running along the river in New Farm, riding her Icelandic horses and hiking in the Alps. Another love is architecture, with Tara’s favorite house being Frank Lloyd Wright’s ‘Fallingwater’.

How Tara helped our clients save

Hayley and Michael


Client Story: Hayley and Michael wanted to buy a next owner occupied property, and at the same time keep their existing home. They also wanted to make sure to take advantage of the current fixed rates and required a lender who was able to offer a competitive fixed rate over 4 years. The other aspect to their application was that Michael earns his money as a commercial real estate agent, and Hayley had just started in a new job. This required a lender whose income policy assessed their income in a way that the couple were able to maximise their borrowing capacity.

Solution: Deciding when to move on from your current home is an exciting and important moment. It’s natural to spend a significant amount of time researching the right house, size and location. It’s also important to spend time researching the best way to fund your new purchase. This is where I can help you to find the best answer to these questions.
For example: Is there an option to keep your existing property as an investment? Or, do you need to sell before you buy? Or, can you release some equity for the deposit? What is your actual borrowing capacity in each scenario?
The most appropriate solution for each client is unique to them. And, most importantly, I can help you understand how and why this solution may be the most appropriate.

We couldn't have bought our new home without Tara! We started on long journey to buy our new dream home at a time where the property market was so buoyant, that we were constantly priced out. We were also dealing with job changes and difficult income streams that were varied from month to month. By working with Tara and assessing all of our options, we couldn't be happier that we now own our new home and were still able to keep our old home as an investment property. This is the best outcome for us with a steadily rising property market and expected property growth. We're also extremely happy to have fixed our mortgage at a great rate, which allows us the room to budget more easily and not get caught out by interest rate spikes. Thank you for, Tara!

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