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Wayne Stoios

Finance Specialist

“Wayne went above and beyond to assist my husband and I with the purchase of our dream home. He made the whole process seamless and we could not be happier.”

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Why choose Wayne as your mortgage broker?

Wayne Stoios brings a much-appreciated combination of skillsets to his financial specialist role including customer service, service management and business. While he holds a Business Degree in Hotel Management, Wayne has also taught mathematics at several International schools. He has experienced different cultures having lived abroad for several years and can draw on many different perspectives to find solutions.

He holds ‘people skills’ on a very high pedestal. He believes his role is to provide an ultimate service to each individual client. He establishes long-term financial relationships through his desire to assist his clients through life’s changing needs.

Being a finance specialist incorporates problem-solving on a personal level. Wayne clearly enjoys helping clients solve problems to obtain their goals and finds the process personally rewarding. Total customer satisfaction leads to clients recommending Wayne to their friends and family without hesitation. He prefers to be known as ‘trusted friend’ rather than ‘some finance guy I know’.

Driving him is his sense of filling his potential, of being the best version of himself that he can be. Wayne always wants to be a better version than yesterday. This extends to the great outdoors where Wayne is a keen scuba diver. He also has a two-seater powered paraglider! His ongoing desire for learning new skills serves him well in the rapidly evolving finance broking industry.

How Wayne helped our clients save

Keith & Candice


Client Story: Keith & Candice locked themselves into a 4.4% fixed-rate loan just before interest rates started to reduce. As interest rates hit record lows, they realized that they could look at refinancing their loan to lower their interest payments. However, the 'break-fees' on their current fixed loan were considerably high. Keith and Candice were also 65 and 64 years old and therefore were unlikely to be granted a new loan with a 30-year term.

Solution: After careful consideration of different lenders and reviewing their policies for an acceptable 'Exit Strategy' (the intended way in which the borrowers will pay off their loan ), Wayne was able to find a lender that would Refinance their mortgage at 1.99% fixed for 2 years, then the standard variable rate there after. This lender was also offering a $2000 cashback for Refinancing, softening the blow of break-fees. Now Keith and Candice will save thousands of dollars each year and when the time comes to sell in a few years, they can confidently act without incurring unreasonable bank fees.

We couldn't have done it if not for Wayne! He was a professional and gave us expert financial advice which helped us save thousands of money from what we were originally paying for. As people who aren't really good with the internet, it was a struggle for us but Wayne patiently guided us through the journey and walked us through the process. He even came out to our house which is a 2 1/2 hour travel just to sign forms. He went above and beyond helping us. We are very lucky to find him and we are forever grateful! Thank you, Wayne!

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