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Mentor Program: Become A Mortgage Broker

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Pivotal Financial: Broker Academy Mentor Program

Are you looking for a top mortgage broker mentor program? Have you found yourself asking: how do you get to make the big bucks in the mortgage sector? We are here to answer all of your questions and let you in on the best industry secret. With the right mentors, training and network, you can be the successful mortgage broker you want to be, backed by real support, a proven sales process and practical training. The coveted Pivotal Financial Broker Academy Mentor Program is taking on new-to-industry mortgage brokers who want to build a business for themselves, but not all by themselves.

Training shouldn’t be a one size fits all approach. Don’t trust just any mentor with building your career. Apply to be a part of an award winning team with the right mentor program to give you the head start in the mortgage broking industry.

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Why would you like to become a Pivotal Financial Mortgage Broker?

Do you have the quals and ambition, the drive to succeed, but feel you need the support to make the right business decisions?

At Pivotal Financial, we are keen to hear from brokers that hold either a Diploma of Finance & Mortgage Broking, or the Cert IV in Finance & Mortgage Broking, who are eager to learn and achieve success. We’re not looking for brokers who want to coast. We are looking for brokers who will put in the hard work to be rewarded with an uncapped earning potential for themselves. With the right support, the sky really is the limit. We know that’s cheesy to say, but our expert mentors and successful Pivotal Financial brokers are the proof that our system works. If you are new to the industry and keen to join a unique mentor program that provides real value to help you succeed in your drive to be a genuinely successful mortgage broker, APPLY NOW to join us.

What Makes You A Successful Mortgage Broker?

Good mortgage brokers work hard to save a client’s time and money. They build a reputation as a trusted, professional mortgage broker that presents a client with the most competitive products and they provide a seamless and hassle-free home loan application process. Once you are qualified and have the theoretical knowledge, how do you put this into practice to become a successful mortgage broker?

It’s tough starting by yourself, so don’t leave it to chance. We love being a part of one of Queensland’s largest and highest performing broker businesses, and we know you will, too. To be a financially successful mortgage broker you need to be able to identify your financial returns with a clear pathway to making them happen, with the right tools and knowledge. When you are are mentored by us in our Broker Academy Mentor Program, we help you identify your goals (and advise you on what is realistic, what is truly achievable so there’s no guesswork on your part) and map out everything from how many referrals you will need to generate to secure enough meetings that will pay off with the number of deals you need to lodge. With our expert guidance, you will know the “what” and the “how” for each step of the way to building your own successful loan book.

What’s In It For You? | Be A Successful Mortgage Broker with Pivotal Financial

10 Benefits Of Joining The Pivotal Financial Broker Academy Mentor Program

What’s in it for us? | Why Should You Join Pivotal Financial Broker Academy Mentor Program?

We are a dedicated national business with mortgage brokers operating across Australia. As an independently owned, award-winning brokerage, we want the best of the best to represent our brand. We’ve done the hard yards already and we know that empowering new-to-industry mortgage brokers with our proven tools, systems and expert knowledge will attract and retain the best in the business.

We are broker centric and encourage a supportive culture with a vision for "A world where every person is empowered to prosper." This not only applies to our clients but to each and every one of our brokers that chooses to work with Pivotal Financial to grow their own successful loan book.

Making your next move, your best move with Pivotal Financial.

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Why Should You Work With Pivotal Financial?

Pivotal Financial has been operating for almost a decade and our mentors may not like to admit their ages, but their experience and lessons learned is something they are proud to share with you. The benefits of building your own business with Pivotal Financial include:

Support In Developing Your Business

We provide real-world guidance to kick-start your career with our two-year Broker Academy Mentor Program. We provide practical training - online and in-person - with a mix of one-on-one sessions and group networking to ensure you build yourself a successful business.

Strategic Alliances For Networking Advantages - Leads, Leads, Leads!

Our strategic alliance with RE/MAX Australia means there is an established source of leads to help you launch your career and sustain your business. We don’t just give you the leads and tell you to sink or swim, we help you every step of the way to make the most of those leads. This established alliance goes hand in hand with our coaching and networking opportunities. Valuable lead generation with opportunities to integrate into a RE/MAX franchise.

Progressive Approach For A Competitive Advantage

We are a young, progressive, forward-thinking company with a real commitment to providing our mortgage brokers with the tools and technology that ensure your business is more efficient. We want you to have the competitive advantage in the marketplace and we are committed to investing in the right technologies for growth.

What is the culture like at Pivotal?

One of Australia’s Most Awarded Mortgage Brokers

Since 2013, our team at Pivotal Financial has been passionate about providing Australians with expert advice, support and service in choosing the right loan that suits their needs. We have settled over one billion dollars of home loans and helped our clients save thousands of dollars and helped them achieve the home of their dreams. Reach out to us and let's make your next move, your best move!

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