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Tips For A Relaxing Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon our doorstep. Yes, it is only 8 weeks until Christmas! This is traditionally the busiest time of the year in the finance industry as buyers want to get into their new homes and settle in before Christmas. This is peak season, and with so much activity, not just in our usual business, but also with holiday preparations, sometimes things can get away from us.

So here are our top 3 tips for navigating this time of year like a boss:

Be prepared, get in early...

The finance journey takes time and can be a very detailed process. The sooner we can speak with your buyers, the quicker we can ensure that they qualify for a loan to purchase and submit an application with a lender that suits their circumstances. The more prepared your buyer is, the more likely that we will be able to settle within the contract time frames. So, coach your buyers to expect a call from us and refer them through straight away !

Choose the right lender...

Choosing a lender that can ‘get things done' is crucial!

Everyone wants the best interest rate and the lowest repayment but having access to fast turnaround times is going to be even more important the closer we get to Santa coming down the chimney!

Pivotal Financial Mortgage Brokers have priority service level agreements with a number of lenders, meaning your clients will get a ‘yes’ faster than if they were to go to a bank directly. There is currently a massive discrepancy in approval times – with the best average approval time in the market currently 5-7 calendar days from lodgement to approval – don’t we wish they were all that easy!

On the flip side, another well-known blue bank is taking an average of 37 calendar days from lodgement to approval. Taking the stress out of the selling experience for your vendor by referring the buyers to a Pivotal broker will mean that you can get the deal done, and everyone can have a wonderful, stress-free Christmas period!

Communication is Pivotal to your vendor's success!

So many stakeholders are involved to support a property purchase for a buyer – namely the agent, the conveyancer, the mortgage broker, and of course the sales agent. For finance and settlement deadlines to be met, and the right outcome achieved, proactive communication and foresight are essential.

Pivotal brokers are award-winning and use an approach whereby we efficiently communicate to and support the other stakeholders in order to have the essential details lined up for settlement – all with the customer at the centre of each step. During this busier time of year, your sellers and buyers will be thankful to have this support.

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