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Property Investment


Creating Your Property Investment Portfolio

Unlike buying a home for you to live in, an investment property is designed with the intention of generating a passive income or as part of your wealth creation strategy.  There are many reasons why property investment continues to be a popular choice and is often seen as one of the best ways to invest money in Australia.  

However, mistakes can be expensive and unsettling, with a lot at risk. Considering the current property market and the rate of property values, building your investment portfolio requires a clear understanding of the market and starts with your end goal in mind.  

With access to 30+ Lenders, Pivotal Financial investment property mortgage brokers have the expertise and knowledge to help you understand the various options and the best solutions to achieve your property investment needs. 

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The Pivotal Financial Property Investment Process

Planning to Invest

What are you wanting to achieve?  Be clear on your property investment goals and the realities of building your investment  portfolio.

Choose The Right Investment Loan

Which financial solution is for me? There are options,  however be aware of your current circumstances and risk profile.

Setting Your Budget

How much can I borrow?  Lenders will generally as for 10% to 20% deposit, so ensure you have sufficient funds to cover this and other incidentals.

Finding The Right Investment Property

Which options will work for me? Doing your research will help clarify your options as there is lots to consider. 

Tax and Gearing

What are the tax benefits for me?  Depending upon your situation, there could be benefits. Talking to an expert at the beginning of the process may save in the end. 

Managing your Investment

Who will look after my property? Either you can or you can call upon experts such as a property manager.  Consider the cost to use experts.   

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