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Marty Allison

Finance Specialist

“Marty is an absolute genius. Very fast process, very helpful and knowledgeable broker. When I met Marty the experience/service was unbelievably incredible and very quick. Home loan was completed within two weeks!”

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Why choose Marty as your mortgage broker?

Marty Allison excels in working out what is most important to his customers, finding the right solutions and then explaining complex financial concepts in a simple way that they can understand. He’s a good communicator and his customers enjoy the strong relationships they forge with Marty, and the great financial outcomes.

With more than 25 years in the finance industry, his knowledge across many financial disciplines allows him to handle complex situations and provide solutions. If you are self-employed and not getting satisfaction on finance matters, for example, Marty’s the man for you.

His extensive experience includes accounting, tax, business structures, financial planning, insurance, home loans and asset finance, and he finds satisfaction in being able to use his financial knowledge and experience to lead people to the right financial solution for their needs.

Working through the Brisbane CBD and surrounding suburbs, but able to assist clients in any location, Marty is an outstanding professional with proven success in delivering outstanding business and financial outcomes in highly competitive environments. He measures that success on the customer’s opinion of his service and solutions, and his high referral rate is a great indicator of just how happy Marty’s customers are.

How Marty helped our clients save

Marko Kelly


Client Story: Marko was a first home buyer looking to make his first entry into the property market. He was referred to me after his existing broker had taken over a month and had submitted applications to two different banks and been declined both times. Finance had been extended twice already, and he was about to have his purchase contract terminated and lose his new home due to not securing finance.

Solution: After looking at his situation, I realised the other broker had made basic errors in both the submissions. Firstly, in submitting to an inappropriate bank for his situation and with the second bank presenting the application in an unfavourable way. We submitted the application to a third bank and were able to get the unconditional approval in less than a week. We were able to get him into a low 1.98% fixed rate for 4 years just before the fixed rates stated to change and he was able to secure his new unit just before property prices began to rise significantly in his area. 

Marty is the only broker I would recommend. He is an absolute genius. Very fast process, very helpful and knowledgeable broker. I  had a bad experience with another broker, the lack of communication and knowledge was quite disheartening even having the broker messing up and me getting knocked back after months of waiting and running around chasing paper work. When I met Marty the experience/service was completed within two weeks! I could not recommend Marty enough! 

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