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Shawn Mcannalley

Finance Specialist

"Shawn was incredibly clear, supportive and ensured we were well informed. He went above and beyond to help complete our application. His calm nature along with his professionalism gave us confidence that he was working in our best interests. We became Brisbane property owners because of you! Thank you!"

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Why choose Shawn as your mortgage broker?

Shawn Mcannalley brings a recognised and appreciated customer service skillset to his financial specialist role, honed through his experiences in owning and managing businesses in both the electrical and hospitality sectors.

Shawn has been identified by customers and colleagues alike as a positive person with a 'can do' attitude. When it comes to mortgage broking, he will do everything possible and use all resources available to get the deal across the line.He fully appreciates that dealing face to face with customers and building relationships is a crucial part of mortgage broking.

Professionally, Shawn strives for complete honesty and transparency, and to build his reputable brand and business to a high level. His greatest reward is being having a role in helping customers achieve finance so they can get out of the renting cycle and own their own home or upgrade young people to a family home.

While as a mortgage broker with Pivotal Financial, he can travel and source business anywhere, his focus is on the north Brisbane and Sunshine Coast regions. Personally, he measures success in happiness. Having a great work/life balance is his indicator that he is on the right path to success.

For Shawn, family, and to be precise, creating and building a successful business which allows him to provide the lifestyle his family deserves, is a huge driver. And if you seek a kindred spirit with an interest in the English premier league, Shawn is your man. He also plays soccer at a social level.

How Shawn helped our clients save

Nishant and Sonya


Client Story: Nishant and Sonya and their 2 young children had been renting and unfortunately had to relocate 3 times in the last 12 months due to the owners selling their investment properties. Frustrated and upset, Nishant and Sonya decided they had to take control and get themselves out of the rent cycle. 

Solution: After meeting with Nishant and Sonya, we worked out a plan to enable them to purchase their own 3 bedroom townhouse. They were both working full time and had savings so we had to look into purchase prices to enable them to utilise the government grants and subsidies. Nishant and Sonya managed to secure finance and now finally own their own home and secure their future for their family. 

Shawn gave us the confidence to explore possibilities we didn’t think we had. After Shawn explained the process and what government grants we could access, we realised we could buy our own home. As it turns out the mortgage repayments are less than what we were paying in rent and Shawn has set up the loan in such a way that we can pay extra and redraw that money when we need. Thank you so much Shawn!

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